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About Us

Power & Mobility

About Us

Micor Technologies’ charter is focused on the development and application of Power and Mobility related technologies employing advanced propulsion systems anchored on high-power density, multi-fuel engines for hybrid-electric propulsion for ground and air vehicles, marine propulsion, power generation and co-generation systems.
Hybrid-electric propulsion for both military and heavy commercial vehicles as part of the mobility electrification momentum will likely show a significant market share gain in the next decade.

As we continue to develop new, disruptive technologies in the Power and Mobility field we are expanding our know-how to new propulsion concepts employing range-extenders as part of the Distributed Electric Propulsion (DEP) for air vehicles such as Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL), Ultra-Short Take-Off and Landing (USTOL) and UAVs, in conjunction with enhancing propulsion efficiency by innovative structural changes in order to facilitate thrust augmentation.

Our History

Micor Technology LLC based in West Michigan is a groundbreaking engineering and product development company founded in 2014 by a group of highly skilled engineers and scientists. We have a proven track record in new, disrupting technologies related to power and mobility in both military and commercial fields.
In 2016 Michael Soimar become the company president and together with its staff continued to shape the company charter towards an innovative engineering company addressing emerging markets for range extenders related to the electrification of both ground and aerial vehicles for special missions. In 2018 Micor entered in a special partnership with WankelSupertec aimed at advancing high-power multifuel engines for hybrid electric mobility.

In the rapidly changing environment for Power and Mobility in the defense and commercial markets a small but innovative company such as Micor has the agility to adapt quickly to these changes by developing new technologies and delivering solution that provide safe and cost-effective solutions.

In support of this strategy one of Micor Technologies’ strength relies on its strong IP assets covered by numerous patents in the hybrid-electric propulsion and platform design for both ground and aerial vehicles.

We are looking optimistically to rapid growth and recognition of our technologies in our field of activity.