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Cogeneration System

Cogenteration System
Cogeneration System
The Cogeneration System (Battery Charging and Heating System) is a retrofit system for large diesel propulsion systems such as locomotives, heavy duty trucks, etc. It acts as a power generator to charge the batteries and supply the electrical power grid. The resulting thermal energy is used to maintain a corresponding thermal level of the main diesel engine.

This system minimizes the fuel consumption, noise and exhaust emissions at a standstill of the vehicle. The system also preheats the engine after a long standstill to the minimum temperature required for starting, or keeps the operating temperature at long stops. The heat output can be increased by additional electrical heating cartridges. The system can be scaled in power and size.

The particular configuration shown in this leaflet is based on an existing application. Other Alternating Current (AC) at 50Hz or 60 Hz as well as Direct Current (DC) systems with various outputs between 10kW and 50kW can be built around our family of modular, scalable R350 family of Wankel engines coupled with proper sized electrical generators and control units.

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Cogeneration System