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Diesel Power Generators

Auxiliary Power Unit
Diesel Power Generators
Diesel Power Generator system is an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) and is comprised of a heavy fuel Wankel engine directly coupled to a permanent magnet generator (PMG). The basic APU components are of modular design that can be integrated directly into an existing customer platform or configured to be a self-contained unit.

The core components of a custom application shown in this leaflet include a single rotor 500cc liquid-cooled heavy fuel engine, a 30kW permanent magnet electric generator, and a control unit containing all necessary power management electronics.

Other AC, 50 Hz and 60 Hz and Direct Current (DC) APUs with various outputs between 15 kW and 225 kW can be built around our modular multi-rotor family of Wankel engines coupled with adequate generator sizes and control units.

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R 500d Series Engine

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Diesel Power Generators

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